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What Is a Retina Specialist?

A retina specialist is an ophthalmologist (a doctor who deals with diseases of the eye and surrounding tissue) who has received further, specialized training in diseases, conditions and injury to the vitreous and retina. Retina specialists treat a wide range of eye conditions, and a retina specialist may be recommended to a patient with an eye condition which cannot be cared for by a general ophthalmologist.

Why Do a Need a Retina Specialist?

Much like professional sports teams have specialists on the coaching staff or a chef focuses his cooking on a particular geographic region, a retina specialist focuses on one area of the eye – the retina, macula and vitreous.  As a result, a retina specialist is well-prepared to address common and complex problems that affect this particular area of the eye.

A retina specialist is most often called upon or recommended by a fellow ophthalmologist when vision can no longer be improved after appropriate glasses have been prescribed, the patient has undergone cataract surgery, the patient has experienced ocular trauma, or if there is any abnormality noted in the back of the eye upon routine eye examination.
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